Cycle South Dalmatia’s medieval coastline


Though it’s hard to pick just one highlight of this trip, it’s equally difficult to imagine a place more stunning than Dubrovnik, with its imposing fortress and walls, medieval alleyways and gracious cafés. Local lore has it that Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century, but recent archaeological excavations suggest the town may be older still, and some Greek artifacts have been found within its old fortress.



“My husband and I had the best vacation ever!  We’ve been on a cycling trip before that was guided but Pedal and Sea Adventures was the best we’ve experienced to date. Drazen and Bojan were incredible guides who were thoughtful, very concerned about our safety and ensured we all enjoyed ourselves regardless of what our cycling experience was. The food was so great!  When we asked for watermelon, they went out and bought it for us. It was a guests birthday and Martin the chef baked a birthday cake for him. When I asked to go to church for Sunday mass, the first commander walked two of us to church herself!”

–Daniela C. 

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2022 /2023 Itinerary

Croatia is one of the world’s best places — old and venerable, beautiful and exciting — and we can’t wait to return every year. Our Dubrovnik to Trogir bicycle tour hugs the coast of South Dalmatia, including the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will cycle around the islands of Korčula, Mljet and Lastovo, enjoying the best of sea and sky in one of Europe’s oldest destinations. After each ride you will make your way back to our private boat, which is outfitted with all the necessary comforts, and begin the journey to the next stunning vista, perhaps stopping enroute for a dip in the sparkling clear water.


Day One — Dubrovnik

Your tour begins in the historical town of Dubrovnik — also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Once settled in your cabin, you will set out on a guided tour throughDubrovnik's old city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with time set aside to walk along the impressive city walls. Once back on the boat, we will go over the week ahead followed by the first of many Croatian feasts. The boat will remain in Dubrovnik for the night.


Day Two — Pelješac Peninsula and Korčula island, 29 km (moderate)

During breakfast our boat will sail to the port of Slano where you will be introduced to your bicycle. Once familiar with your steed, you will then cycle from Slano to Prapratno where the boat will be waiting for you. After a quick swim, you will board the boat and it will sail on to the town of Korčula. It claims to be the birth place of Marco Polo, but we will save that controversy for your tour guide to discuss. Tonight, we dock in Korčula.

Day 2 Slano -- Prapratnpo Hp 375 Day 2 Slano -- Prapratnpo Hp 375

Day Three —Korčula and Hvar islands, 55 km (moderate and at times challenging)

Today, you’ll make your way from the town of Korčula to Pupnat and then over to the other side of the island where we have a picnic planned before you continue on to Prigradica to meet the boat. With magnificent views and wineries as far as the eye can see, it is a ride that will marvel the senses. Once back on the boat, we will make our way over to the island of Hvar where we will dock in the port of Sućuraj.

Day 3 Korčula -- Prigradica Hp 350 

Day Four — Hvar and Brač islands, 51 km (moderate)

Today’s incredible bicycle ride will lead you from Sućuraj to Jelsa on the island of Hvar. Most Croatians will argue that Jelsa has the best ice cream in the world — you will have time to do some research of your own. From there, we sail to Bol for a night on the island of Brač.

 Day 4 Sućuraj -- Jelsa (Hvar) Hp 351

Day Five — Island of Brač and town of Omiš on the mainland, 23 km (moderate)

Today’s distance might look short, but you’ll still be challenged. From Bol, you will cycle uphill for 10 kilometres, rest a little at the top before coasting down for another 10 kilometres to the town of Pučišća. One of the islands most famous limestone quarries is located in Pučišća and it is from that quarry that some of the stone for the White House originated. From Pučišća, we head over to the mainland and dock in the town of Omiš for the night.

Day 5 Bol -- Pučišća (Brač) Hp 440 

Day Six — Cetina Canyon and Split, 43 km (moderate)

Today you’ll bicycle through the valley of the Cetina River, which has etched itself deeply into the cliff side. You’ll wind your way along quiet side roads and through varied landscapes back to Omiš and its pirate castles. For those wishing to take a break from the saddle, we can also organize a 3-hour river rafting excursion down the Cetina River — truly an unmissable experience. Once everyone returns to Omiš, we will sail up the coast to Split where the boat docks for the night.

 Day 6 Omiš --Omiš Hp 298-1

Day Seven — Split and Trogir 

This morning our local guide will take you in to the citys Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. The last sail after lunch will bring you to the UNESCO Heritage town of Trogir but not before the boat anchors for a refreshing swim on a secluded beach. Once in Trogir, you will have time to explore the city’s rich culture and heritage as you stroll through its narrow alleys. Tonight, the ship’s Captain joins us for dinner so be sure to wear your finest attire.


Day Eight — Trogir

Our tour ends at 9 a.m. Many of those who travel with us choose to stay in Trogir for a longer visit. If this is of interest, let us know and we can suggest ideas for your itinerary. 


* Details subject to change. 

2023 Dates

*In 2023 the tour price on the boat Magellan will be increasing by $150 CAD per person.

  • May 20-27 Boat: TBD
  • Custom groups anytime



  • 7 nights’ accommodation on the boat in a double cabin with private shower

  • 3 days of full board (all 3 meals) & 4 days of half board (breakfast + one other meal)
  • 7 days of guided bike tours as described

  • Maps for the daily routing

  • Guided city tours of Dubrovnik and Korčula

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Prices for A Category Boat
Azimut only

All prices in CAD. Click here for a currency converter.

  • Below-deck cabin: $1,999/person  

  • Above-deck cabin: $2,199/person

  • Hybrid bicycle rental: $249

  • Road bicycle rental: $329
  • Electric bicycle rental: $399

  • Port tax + local charges: 25 Euro/person to be paid directly to the captain

  • Unlimited drinking water 25 Euro/person to be paid directly to the captain

  • Single supplement: $800

    Prices for A+ Category Boats Magellan and Ocean only

    All prices in CAN. Click here for a currency converter.

    • Below-deck cabin: $2,199/person 

    • Above-deck cabin: $2,499/person

    • Hybrid bicycle rental: $249 

    • Road bicycle rental: $329
    • Electric bicycle rental: $399

    • Port tax + local charges: 25 Euro/person to be paid directly to the captain

    • Unlimited drinking water: 25 Euro/person to be paid directly to the captain

    • Single supplement: $800



For returning customers

  • Is this your second Pedal & Sea Adventures tour? Let us know, and we’ll knock $100 off the price.
  • If this is your third Pedal & Sea tour, we’ll take $100 off the price and send you a free jersey.
  • Your fourth Pedal & Sea Adventures tour? We will take $100 off the price, send you a free jersey and give you a complimentary bicycle rental. 

To take advantage of these great incentives, please let our staff know when you book!

Our bikes in Croatia

Kalkhoff E-Bike


E-Bike - Kalkhoff

- Model: Agattu Impulse 8R HS

- Top notch drive

- 2.0 motor with sift-sensor

205 km range

- Tire size: 700 X 35



Trek road bike


Road Bike - Trek

- Model: Emonda S 6

- Ultralight carbon frame

- Shimano / Ultegra components

- 22 speed (compact drivetrain) 

- Tire size: 700 X 23 or 25



Trek hybrid bike


Hybrid Bike - Trek

- Model: 7.3 fx

- Aluminum frame

- Shimano components

- 27 speed

- Tire size: 700 X 32