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Pedal and Sea Adventures is an affable travel company offering creative bike (bicycle) tours for cyclists and outdoor adventurers looking to explore many of the world’s best places. We run bicycle tours in Canada, including Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, as well as Ireland, Italy (including Tuscany, Sicily and Puglia), Croatia, and Greece!

Our bike tours are designed to appeal to all of your senses. On a Pedal & Sea bike tour, you’ll not only see landscapes and seascapes that will delight the eye, but you will also revel in the feel of the salty breeze through your hair, or the sweet smell of fermenting grapes as you coast into yet another historic town. What wonderful memories you’ll make!

We’re here to make your dreams come true, and that’s not hyperbole. We’re in the memory business. Our creative bike tours are near and dear to our hearts, and our clients appreciate our passion. Our only mission is to impress. You’ll explore areas of incomparable beauty. You’ll bike through tiny villages that speak of days gone by, where the people are friendly, and every side road beckons. You’ll eat at fabulous restaurants that serve local delicacies, like Nova Scotia’s lobster, and Italy’s osso buco. You’ll taste fine wines and ales, perhaps a single-vineyard Chianti of surprising depth, or a hale and hearty pint of Guinness. And you’ll rest each night in cozy, comfortable, historic inns that will make you feel pampered and blessed and ready for the next leg of the tour, no pun intended.

Our Newest Tours

The Ionian Islands are perhaps the Greekest part of Greece — the only part of the country that escaped Ottoman rule in the fifteenth century, and a hotbed of Greek independence in the Eighteenth Century. Much remains as it was when Thucydides wrote his account of the Peloponnesian War, but there have been some changes: crumbling castles from the centuries of Venetian rule, the gardens at Palaia Anaktora, and dozens of tiny, family-run snorkeling and windsurfing establishments.

As we cruise through the Ionian Sea, you'll see both the homes of King Odysseus and Aristotle Onassis; you'll take a rowboat to otherwise inaccessible grottos of stalactites, you'll sunbathe on the beaches of Paxos like a jet-setter, and — we know — you'll make memories to last a lifetime..

Our new Galway and Western Ireland tour includes an incredibly dramatic ride along the coast past a bevy of gorgeous castles en route to Galway. Our founder, Dana Gallant, has discovered a lovely boutique hotel in the old city that is within walking distance of 100 pubs — not that we've been counting! The architecture is stunning, as you'd expect in a city with such a storied past, and the living is relaxed and friendly.

Our Canadian Bike Tours

We offer five bike tours throughout Nova Scotia, and they’re all fabulous! Our Cape Breton bicycle tour traverses the Cape Breton Highlands and the Cabot Trail, one of the world’s most dramatic rides. It is a region of breathtaking beauty that will touch your soul. We don’t say that lightly. The photos on the Cape Breton pages will convey this message far better than our humble words.

When you cycle along the Lighthouse Route in our Southshore Coastal Adventure, it will be like stepping back in time to the early days of North America. You’ll visit small fishing villages where osprey outnumber people, and explore historic communities like Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This has always been one of our most popular bike tours, and deservedly so.

Our self-guided Evangeline Trail bike tour winds along the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, and through the bountiful Annapolis Valley. Small, lovely towns like Annapolis Royal and Wolfville are filled with delightful restaurants, and a bevy of artists and artisans. And the lush, rolling hills are just lovely, so you’ll understand why Nova Scotia’s French Acadians chose to settle here 400 years ago.

Our Best of Both Coasts tour; it will have you cycling both the Lighthouse Route along Nova Scotia’s South Shore, and the Evangeline Trail which runs parallel to the incomparable Bay of Fundy. You'll be exploring one of North America's oldest regions, and one of the most beautiful places in Canada. We know that you'll love it.

Settled mainly by Swiss and German immigrants in 1753, Lunenburg has become one of Nova Scotia's most historic and beautiful towns, and that's why it's the focal point of our new (for 2006) self-guided Lunenburg Adventure. The homes and buildings here date back to 1760, and the streets still adhere to the original town plan of 1753. No wonder Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunenburg's colourful waterfront, narrow streets, and captivating architecture all work to preserve history and the town's seafaring heritage.

Our bicycle tour through Newfoundland hugs the Viking Trail, which includes the unbelievable Gros Morne National Park, another World Heritage Site. Newfoundland possesses a rugged, unspoiled beauty that inspires all who visit, and we’d love to share our experiences there with you. Newfoundland is an undiscovered gem, filled with salty characters and friendly folk.

Prince Edward Island, one of Canada’s most storied regions, is sometimes called The Million Acre Farm. Our route will have you cycling through a riot of color: verdant pastures that stretch out to scarlet cliffs which drop into azure waters— you’ll want to pack lots of extra film. Each night we’ll stay at a fabulous inn, and eat all the famously fresh Prince Edward Island foods: potatoes, strawberries, and— of course!— lots of fresh seafood! We’ll taste the best the island has to offer. We also offer a self-guided tour of PEI.

Europe: Italy, Ireland, Norway, Greece, Croatia, Albania

Our bike tour of Albania will lead you from the tranquil beauty of Lake Ohrid, via towering mountains and deep, fast-running rivers, to the inviting beaches of the so-called Albanian Riviera, sampling the best of old Europe. We will include visits to three UNESCO heritage sites, as well as fascinating glimpses into an unaltered, ancient way of life. Some say that traveling to Albania is as close as you'll get to traveling back in time. We certainly think so.

What can be said about bicycling through Tuscany that hasn’t already been said? We love Tuscany - the vine-covered hillsides and winding roads, the ancient monasteries, the amazing trattorias. Such an old and glorious country! The depth of history is tangible, and the food is fresh, diverse, and fabulous. We love Italy! Have we mentioned that yet? (We also offer a self-guided tour of Tuscany).

But we'd be amiss if we we give the impression that Tuscany is the pnly province in Italy worthy of our bike tour. In fact, we also love areas of Italy that are just off the beateb bath. We also recommend our tour of Sicily, and our self-guided tours in Sicily.

Puglia, possibly Italy’s least familiar region, is now being touted as the next Tuscany. Located on the Eastern Coast, deep in the heartland of Greek mythology, Apulia does have a distinctly Greek feel, but its ruins also feature Gothic and Byzantine architecture, among others. What better way to explore this mysterious region of olive groves and emerald waters than by bike?

If you’d like to bicycle through Western Ireland, Pedal and Sea has an incredible eight-day tour of the Emerald Isle. We’ll visit the Cliffs of Moher and the beaches of Connemara. We’ll sample a couple of tall glasses of Guinness on the island of Inishmore. We’ll explore Cleggan, Rinvyle Castle, and Kylemore Abbey. Our bike tour of Ireland has something for everyone!

Biking Connemara, Ireland: Connemara is regarded by many as the Real Emerald Isle, the true Ireland just waiting to be explored. It is almost supernaturally beautiful, with rugged, green vistas that will touch your heart, and soothe your soul. We can think of few places so profound. In spring, the bountiful hillsides comes alive — quite literally — with the soft peals of newborn lambs dancing among glorious bright flowers. In autumn, these same mountains are blessed with a riot of fall colors that seem to shift and deepen with each passing day. If you are lucky enough to experience Connemara with Pedal and Sea Adventures, you’ll make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. We also offers a self-guided tour of Connemara, Ireland.

The Cyclades, comprised of more than 200 islands, were the cradle of European civilization more than 5,000 years ago. So the history is deep, and abiding, and you’ll find it in every nook and cranny of this wonderful archipelago. The Cyclades are, in fact, the peaks of a submerged mountain range that lies below the Aegean, although Milos and Santorini were created by dormant volcanos.

It is here that you’ll find Greece at its most iconic: gleaming white cubic houses with blue shutters and labyrinthian lanes find traditional favor in most island towns, and the the pace is relaxed and unhurried. Just as you would wish, just as you’d expect. The coastline carved by the Aegean is rugged and ragged, and impressive geological formations abound. And then, of course, there is the turquoise-blue sea and endless sand beaches.

At this moment, we don’t envy the choice before you, as every single Pedal and Sea Adventures’ bike tour is wonderful, offering a chance to visit one of the world’s loveliest places. We can still say that honestly, and without reservation, after more than a decade in the incredible bike touring business.

Come play with us! You’ll be glad that you did...

Dana Gallant



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